At age 74, still climbing trees!


Three years before the video above was made I had been having intermittent but severe angina pain and was diagnosed with cardiovascular disease (at age 71). I had developed a rather unusual form of atherosclerosis caused by an inherited tendency for my body to make very high amounts of lipoprotein(a).

The video implies that I overcame the problem, which I did. See “Fred’s Story” for the details on the nature of my situation and how I cured myself – using NO DRUGS.

Nutritional therapy is often effective against many kinds of serious diseases WHEN DONE PROPERLY. It can actually cure instead of just treating symptoms, and with no negative side-effects. For serious illnesses this usually involves significant use of nutritional supplements in addition to proper foods.

Over the years I’ve found that the most knowledgeable experts are often those who have “been there, done that.” In other words, they have experienced severe health problems for which conventional medicine was NOT effective, and then went on to study nutrition and apply that knowledge to themselves, resulting in regaining their health.

Nutritional therapy is also called “orthomolecular medicine,” or “functional medicine.” Appying the principles to oneself and seeing/feeling first-hand what works and what doesn’t work, is far superior to learning abstractly from books or media without application, BUT study is also essential!

  1. A person who studied and cured herself is Dr Terry Wahls MD. She was an athlete, quite healthy, but gradually developed Multiple Sclerosis. She had access to the best that the medical profession had to offer, but continued to decline over a period of seven years, at which point she was unable to walk and required a special reclining-type of wheelchair. THEN she began to study nutrition. She applied her new knowledge. Eventually she became fully cured using nutrition, no drugs. Her lectures and interviews are on YouTube.
  2. Another “been there, done that” person is Dr Paul Jaminet PhD. His health declined for years affecting his ability to function in his field as an astrophysicist. In his case also, conventional medicine could not help. Finally he turned to studying nutrition and applied scientific research methods. In five years he had regained his health. He spent the next two years writing his book, Perfect Health Diet.
  3. Yet another person who has gone a similar route is Chris Kresser. He contracted Dengue fever while in his 20’s. Conventional medicine initially saved his life, but he remained ill. He also turned to nutrition as a last resort. It took many years of study and applying the principles of nutrition to himself before he too was cured.Chris established his own “functional medicine” clinic in California. He also started the Kresser Institute for teaching nutrition and functional medicine. You can check him out on YouTube where he has posted many videos.

I also have been there, done that, having successfully emerged from several illnesses using nutrition/supplements, most notably in regard to cardiovascular disease.

The three brilliant people above are extremely knowledgeable. They each have written one or more books and have used the media to become relatively well-known.

One difference between the three people above and me, is the fact that I’m an old man and not interested developing the kind of career they have built for themselves. I just want to add a little income to my meager Social Security check. If I can do that while helping people with their health issues, that would be very satisfying.

A second difference between the people above and me is: I’m pretty sure I charge lower rates for my services.

By the way, I do NOT sell supplements although I’m very knowledgeable about them. I do only consultation and protocol assistance.

Please see some of my blog articles to assess the quality of my thinking.

Also I started a new Facebook group a few months ago (April, 2018) which is growing fast and I’m very active in it. It’s called, Natural Treatments for Coronary Atherosclerosis and Diabetes.

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