At age 74, still climbing trees!


Three years before the video above was made I had been having intermittent but severe angina pain and was diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, multiple blockages, at age 71.  (Now I’m 81.)

The video implies that I overcame the problem, which I did. See Fred’s Story for the details on the nature of my situation and how I cured myself – using no drugs!.

Prior to my heart disease I had been studying nutrition for many years. I had cured myself of rheumatoid arthritis in my hands using nutrition, and also Advance Lyme disease using primarily herbs/nutrition.

So I thought I knew enough that I did not need a Health Coach. I was WRONG! I could have used a good one because I made mistakes on my own that led to coronary artery disease. I had previously learned that I could not trust medical doctors. All of my life I’ve tended to be a do-it-yourself type of person. So I studied intensely to discover my errors and make corrections.

Nutritional therapy is often effective against many kinds of serious diseases WHEN DONE PROPERLY. It can actually cure instead of just treating symptoms, and with no negative side-effects.

I was even able to go back to professional tree climbing (pruning and take-downs) part-time up to age 80.

I’ve continued to study for all the years since my heart problem. I have two certifications and have learned enough to be able to help others as a Health Coach. By the way, I do NOT sell supplements although I’m very knowledgeable about them. I do only consultation and protocol assistance.

For five years I’ve been running a Facebook group:  Natural Treatments for Coronary Atherosclerosis and Diabetes.

Again, for more details see Fred’s Story, also Credentials.

Fred Pauser

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