Vitamin C? But It’s Just a Vitamin…

Vitamin C is probably the most discussed and most controversial of all vitamins. According to some authorities we need only 70-90 mgs/day (that’s the RDA) and that the upper safe limit is 500, and some say 2,000 mgs is maximum. On the other hand, some independent nutritionists say that most people should get AT LEAST 3,000 mgs/day of vitamin C, and for optimal health often 10,000 mgs/day is recommended, or more (i.e.: take to “bowel tolerance”).

How To Use Vitamin C as a Supplement

People with cardiovascular disease (CVD) or diabetes (which is often a precursor of CVD) MUST take vitamin C in significant amounts in order to have a chance to become well.

Dietary Suggestions

EAT 2 OR 3 EGGS PER DAY, boiled-one-minute or poached, not fried. Should be organic cage-free. Yoke more important than the whites for nutrients.

If your doctor said to avoid eggs, s/he is wrong.