How To Use Vitamin C as a Supplement

People with cardiovascular disease (CVD) or diabetes (which is often a precursor of CVD) MUST take vitamin C in significant amounts in order to have a chance to become well.

Correcting Misunderstandings About Fat

Over 50 years ago a scientist named Ancel Keys did a study that indicated saturated fats to be a major contributing factor in heart disease! Unfortunately he dishonestly rigged the study, but he was so influential that the government adopted his low-fat dietary recommendations on a national level!

Part 3 — Intermittent Fasting

All of the experts mentioned in this series are advocates of intermittent fasting. It confers health benefits far beyond assisting in reducing unwanted weight, but first we will look into the weight aspect.

Part 2 – Specific Diets, Pros and Cons

THE GOAL is to pick a diet that will enable weight (fat) loss, but to do so while promoting health, maintaining good energy, and will not cause muscle loss. Also a well-designed diet should NOT cause an ongoing feeling of hunger.

Overcoming Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease Including Weight Reduction – Part 1

Regardless of what type of diet one adopts to lose weight, for it to work there must be a “CALORIE DEFICIT” – meaning eating less calories than one is burning internally. However, in real life it’s far more complicated than that.

How I Lowered my Lipoprotein(a) by 61%

The medical establishment has long claimed that high Lipoprotein(a) [Lp(a)] is inherited and cannot be significantly reduced. But somehow I proved it is reducible.

Lipoprotein(a) – The Under-Appreciated High Risk Factor for Coronary Heart Disease

Lipoprotein(a), called Lp(a) for short, is a cholesterol-containing particle similar to the well-known LDL. It is distinguished by an additional protein (apo(a)) which causes it to potentially adhere to damaged spots in the lining of arteries.

Vitamin K2 Is Under-Appreciated

“If there’s a single vitamin you need to know more about, it’s vitamin K2. The first reason is you’re probably not getting enough. The second is that it doesn’t get the attention it deserves…” — Chris Masterjohn PhD.

For years many people have been taking high doses of vitamin D3 to promote calcium absorption to prevent osteoporosis. AND THEN THEY OFTEN GO ON TO DEVELOP OSTEOPOROSIS (and/or calcified plague).

Cholesterol and Lipoprotein(a)

Cholesterol is an even more controversial topic than the issue of vitamin C. There are many respected experts whose views about cholesterol agree on some points but conflict on other points. We can only study their views, apply critical thinking, and try to make sense of it all. The following indicates my current position which is based upon both study and experience.