Experienced Health Coach 

I’ve been interested in nutrition all of my life. In high school I studied nutrition and applied it to myself for the sport of wrestling. In 1960 I became the NJ state wrestling champion in the 178 lb class. (Of course physical training was also important.) That helped to earn me a full-tuition 4-year scholarship to Rutgers University.

However, I had to quit after one year at Rutgers due to extreme OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)! This was almost a deadly setback which took me over a decade to even partially overcome. (See Fred’s Story.)

Decades later (1998) I began to experience new health problems which led me back to studying Nutrition. During the last 25 years I’ve overcome several health problems using primarily nutritional therapy – for problems including rheumatoid arthritis, advanced Lyme disease, and angina with severe coronary heart disease. As proof of recovery – I was able to earn income as a professional tree climber up until last year at age 80

I’ve done thousands of hours of study on my own, but decided I should earn one or two certificates:

~ In 2017 I became certified as a “Fitness Nutrition Coach” by NESTA (National Exercise and Sports Trainers Assoc.).

~  In 2018 I started a Facebook group called: Natural Treatments for Atherosclerosis and Diabetes. I’ve been helping people there for 5 years.

~  This year I became certified as a Nutrition-Network LCHF Advisor. That course was sponsored in part by the famous Professor Timothy Noakes MD.

I’ve written hundreds of articles which I’ve posted in my FB group. I am an independent learner which may have helped me to better sort out truth from fiction and to choose the best experts. I have listed over 30 of my wonderful doctors and PhDs in the “Featured” section of my FB group. Their honesty, knowledge, and courage is outstanding. I love them! Besides improving my health, they give me the will to carry on.

Here’s a short video of me last year.
Fred in a tree at 80.