Dietary Suggestions for Reversing T2 Diabetes


~ EAT 2 OR 3 EGGS PER DAY, boiled-one-minute or poached, preferably not fried. Yoke is much more important than the whites for nutrients. Get “pastured” eggs, or whatever type you can afford.

(If your doctor said to avoid eggs because they contain cholesterol, s/he is wrong. A large egg contains about 185 mgs of cholesterol so 3 eggs may contain almost 600 mgs of cholesterol. The human body needs and makes up to 2,000 mgs of cholesterol per day. If you eat 600 mgs, then the body will make that much less cholesterol for that day.) Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet.

~ EAT MEAT at least once per day. Ground beef (grass-fed) is a good choice. Chicken (preferably organic), liver is very nutritious, especially grass-fed.

~ EAT FISH LOW IN MERCURY twice per week. Examples: Alaskan wild salmon, sardines (not the cheapest), canned mackerel (in water), canned herring.

~ ORGANIC YOGURT, but should be whole fat. (It’s high in calcium so eat in moderation.) Greek yogurt is higher in protein.



~ USE A LOT OF COCONUT OIL Example: mix into cooked vegetables. (And try adding some apple cider vinegar.) Organic virgin coconut oil.

~ EAT WALNUTS AND/OR MACADAMIA REGULARLY (Omega 3) A few brazil nuts provide a day’s need for selenium). Almonds are high in oxalates so minimize. Peanuts absolutely should be avoided.

~ AVOCADOES (healthy vegetable fat)

~ Butter or ghee.

~ Sour cream (preferably organic)

~ Fatty meat is healthy! (Contrary to official recommendations – saturated fat is healthy!!!)

~ Hard cheese in moderation



~ EAT VEGETABLES OF DIFFERENT COLORS, ideally cooked (boiling reduces oxalates). Broccoli, carrots, green beans.

~ EAT WHOLE FRUIT BUT IN MODERATION, such as blueberries, oranges, organic strawberries. (Avoid the highly glycemic fruit such as bananas and grapes.) Two small servings per day or less.

~ Occasional “resistant starches” are okay such as white rice or potatoes (minimal).

~ If you eat salads, use ORGANIC OLIVE OIL for dressing – BUT be careful because much of it has been diluted with canola oil. Avoid olive oil from Italy. California olive oil may be okay. (Absolutely avoid commercially premade salad dressings!)


~ SALT:  Use Himalayan pink salt or Celtic Sea salt or Redmond’s Real Salt. If you get plenty of sodium and want more potassium consider potassium chloride powder (it even tastes like salt).

~ DRINK ENOUGH WATER but not excessively as too much will flush out eletrolytes. In most areas do not drink tap water unless filtered. (ZeroWater makes high quality pitcher/filters.)



~ ABSOLUTELY AVOID ALL PROCESSED REFINED VEGETABLE (SEED) OILS such as canola oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, soy oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, peanut oil. Also avoid hydrogenated and trans fats such as margarine, Crisco, Mazola, etc.


~ AVOID GRAINS, ESPECIALLY WHEAT. (NO bread, pasta, etc. not even oat meal). Avoid all cereals.


~ AVOID SODA, SUGAR, high fructose corn syrup



~ AVOID FRUIT JUICES, too much sugar and no fiber. (Eat whole fruit instead.)


~ AVOID peanuts




In order to completely overcome T2 diabetes, “low carb high fat” diets have proven to work well. Low carb means keeping carbs to 5 or 10% of total calories. Protein should be at least 15% of calories, and the rest of the diet as fat – approximately 75% of total calories.

Intermittent fasting (at least 12 hours per day, preferably 16 hours) is recommended for most people for weight loss, and overcoming metabolic syndrome/diatetes.

An EXCELLENT site to help us to determine percentages of fat, carbs, protein (and amounts of vitamins and minerals) is: