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In regard to nutrition my story begins about 60 years ago when I was on the high school wrestling team. Our coach was the football coach who knew nothing about wrestling. We had a losing team, but I wanted to win.

Even as a teenager I knew that nutrition was important so I taught myself about it in addition to the wrestling skills in order to increase my chances for success.

As basically a self-taught wrestler I won the NJ state championship at 178 lbs in 1960. (Click link and scroll down for the proof.)

I mention this not only because it was the beginning of my nutrition education, but because this high school achievement required the same independent mentality that enabled me decades later to study and learn how to overcome various health problems and illnesses such as most of us encounter as we become senior citizens, using unconventional means, i.e.: nutrition and nutritional supplements.

I gave up most of a 4-year scholarship to Rutgers University after my freshman year (long story). I’ve been self-employed most of my life, first as an arborist (tree pruning and take-downs); then 20 years with my one-man auto repair business; and then back to climbing trees until age 71.

As an adult I was not always concerned about health. I smoked cigarettes, usually 2 packs/day for 25 years, finally quitting at age 48. Also, for a period of 5 years I drank too much alcohol daily, quitting at age 46. In both cases it was heart pain (“angina”) that induced me to quit. There was a history of early heart attacks in my family.


I returned to studying nutrition and using supplements in 1998 as I sensed the need to improve nutrition as I became older.

Nutritional supplements are rather expensive. Initially I was not sure just how much good they were doing. The following experience was enlightening:

At age 60 I noticed that I was no longer dreaming when I slept. I wondered if my brain was going. Then I tried a supplement called DMAE (dimenthyaminodethanol). It worked – suddenly I was dreaming again! This was my FIRST definite proof that a single nutritional supplements could actually have a specific positive effect!

At age 63 I developed rheumatoid arthritis in my hands which was threatening to put an end to my tree climbing career. I added more nutritional supplements according to my research and purchased a quality juicer. Soon my hands were okay, and without a single doctor visit and not a single drug! That finally confirmed to me the value of nutrition!

I’m now in my mid 70s. During the last 20 years I’ve had other health challenges such as advanced Lyme disease with Babesia, a fall of 25 feet out of a tree, osteoarthritis, Shingles, and cardiovascular disease.

I used diet, nutritional supplements and herbs primarily in overcoming all of these problems (but with some help from IV antibiotics for the advanced Lyme disease).

The fall of 25 feet required hospitalization, casts, etc., but with the help of nutrition and supplements I was back to earning a living as an arborist in 6 months. I was then 65 and continued to climb professionally until age 71 when I retired. A month later I was diagnosed with…


I had been experiencing intermittent chest pain (angina) for months. In December 2013, a cardiologist did a “nuclear stress test” which included heart scans. The conclusion was “multiple coronary ischemia,” (i.e.: multiple blockages in the coronary arteries known as atherosclerosis, or generally as coronary heart disease.)

The cardiologist said, “You are right on the verge of a heart attack.” He immediately made an appointment for me to get bypass surgery and/or stents in just a few days. This situation was my greatest health challenge.

(Why did this happen? For several years I had been eating a healthy diet, had been taking several nutritional supplements daily, and getting plenty of exercise. I learned later that I had inherited a tendency for my body to create EXTREMELY HIGH amounts of a type of cholesterol particle called lipoprotein(a) – aka Lp(a). This alone can cause heart attack and death – even if other cholesterol numbers are okay.)

I went home and immediately began researching information about alternatives to stents/by-pass. I ate only salads for the next two days and quit coffee. (Coffee seemed to intensify the chest pain). Just those simple changes helped me to feel a little better, and the internet seemed to suggest viable alternatives.

I had been successful in previous years using primarily nutrition to cure health problems. That fact gave me the courage to cancel the hospital appointment and fire the cardiologist. I went the nutrition route again.

I did not know yet exactly how to approach the problem, but instinctively felt that cutting way down on food intake would help. I lost 20 pounds in the first month. After much research I settled on Dr. Thomas Levy’s approach and his protocol of nutritional supplements listed in his book, Stop America’s #1 Killer. I took those supplements plus many additional supplements based upon my own research and previous experience. (Altogether, a lot!)

I studied diet and nutrition practically every waking hour. I experimented, listened to my body, and made adjustments throughout my recovery period of nearly two years.

My diet AVOIDED all dairy products, processed sugar, wheat products, soy, processed vegetable (seed) oils, and processed foods in general. I bought organic if available. I prepared ALL of my own meals, no restaurants.

EXERCISE: I was limited initially, but gradually increased (over a period of many months) to fairly intense exercise. I did aerobics and weightlifting, each one every other day. And always a brisk walk in the morning.


By August 2015, my GP, Dr Bryant (who had only been doing blood tests for me and basic monitoring) agreed that I seemed to be cured of coronary heart disease. He suspected that my body may have created new blood vessels (called “co-lateral vessels”) going around the blockages (this does happen) rather than the coronary blockages themselves being eliminated.

Especially important is the fact that my extremely high lipoprotein(a) was reduced by 61% in one year. This is despite the fact that the medical establishment says Lp(a) cannot be reduced because it is set genetically. High Lp(a) IS genetic, but they are wrong about not reducing it!! (They probably said that because they had NO DRUG that could reduce it.)

SUMMARY of evidence indicating I am cured as follows:

1)  The documents below show my enormous reduction is lipoprotein(a) in one year!

2)  By August 2015 my typical blood pressure was 100/65 and pulse 55-60.

3)  I can once again drink coffee with no angina pain.

4)  In December 2013 I was not able to exercise due to angina pain. But by Aug 2015 I could do intense aerobic for 20 minutes straight, followed by 40 minutes of weight lifting – no angina pain throughout.

5)  Since my recovery I’ve done several professional tree-take-down jobs (heavy-duty climbing).

6)  In Dr Bryant’s opinion I am cured.

7)  I have more energy and feel better in general.

My thanks to the late Dr. Linus Pauling, to Dr. Thomas Levy MD, and many other experts on the internet.

(Documented evidence below.)

– Fred Pauser

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