What I Offer as a Nutrition Fitness Coach

The first step is free. We would discuss your situation in order to determine for both of us if your health problems are within the range of my experience and knowledge. This can be done by phone, email, or Facebook messaging. If we agree that it appears I may be able to help you, we can proceed. You will have two options:

~ Hourly consultation at $25 per hour.


~ A Personalized Protocol tailored to your situation.  This option is comprehensive. I would first send you a questionnaire which would request the following information:

  • Your specific current health concerns
  • Your age, height, weight
  • Your health/medical history
  • Blood test results during the past year (if available)
  • Current medications
  • Description of current diet.
  • List of your nutritional supplements being used (if any) including brands and doses.

Based upon this information I would develop your personal protocol which would include:

  • Dietary suggestions
  • A list of specific nutritional supplements in order of importance.
  • Brand names of supplements, dose amounts and doses per day
  • Description of exactly how to take each supplement — for example: whether to be taken with food or on an empty stomach, morning or evening, etc
  • Oil soluble vitamins would be identified which need to be taken with fatty food;
  • Hints on how to avoid capsule material for stomach comfort and good absorption.
  • Other details pertaining to specific supplements would be explained for clarity.

The protocol would not be set in stone! We would discuss the proposed protocol to make sure it seems agreeable to you and make adjustments as needed. This service would include consultation to help you get under way with your new protocol.

I go into detail and spend the time to do things right! You will get up to TEN HOURS of my time for this service for which I charge $250 ($25 per hour).

We would function together as a team to improve your health.


I launched a new Facebook group in April, 2018 called, Natural Treatments for Coronary Atherosclerosis and Diabetes which you may visit and join.


You can learn about my background which is summarized under Credentials and expressed in more detail under Fred’s Story.

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